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5-Disc Common Injuries Series *UPDATED CONTENT*

Orthopedic Massage Series Assessment and Treatment Strategies for Soft Tissue Pain and Injury Training DVDs

Common Injuries 5 DVD Set

Dr. Ben Benjamin makes this highly technical and complex material clear and accessible. With precision, humor, and insight he uses a step-by-step approach to teach practitioners the anatomy, assessment, treatment techniques, and injury rehabilitation for working with 5 common musculoskeletal injuries in different areas of the body.

Disc 1 Hamstring Injuries *NEW*

Disc 2 Tennis Elbow

Disc 3 Deltoid / Medial Ankle Sprains *NEW*

Disc 4 Lateral Ankle Sprains

Disc 5 Achilles Tendon Injuries

    Includes a FREE copy of the Essential Principles DVD and exam* - worth an additional 4 CE hours!

    Common Injuries exam* is included FREE - worth 30 CE hours.


    *You will be emailed a link to any exams for the DVD series you purchase. Exams can be taken at any time - NO TIME LIMITS OR DUE DATES! Upon passing the exam, you will be emailed your Certificate of Completion indicating the CEs you have earned.